Spiritual Coaching

Your spiritual journey begins with you.

What can spiritual life coaching offer you?

Imagine if your time and energy were devoted to things that give you passion and meaning.

Think what would it feel like to experience more peace and wholeness every day.

I want you to know that your life purpose is an innate aspect of yourself. And this purpose is deeply entwined with your spirit.

Your purpose is sacred and powerful. It represents the gifts and energy you brought into the world with you. Above all, your purpose is joyful and affirming of you and your worth.

Discover and live into your life purpose.

During the coaching process, we will identify and validate the core values, needs, and goals that are most important to you. This is not a one-size-fits-all process. You will learn how to:

  • Listen to and trust your inner voice
  • Take ownership of and nurture your gifts
  • Speak and live your truth
  • Affirm your spirituality as it aligns with your identity and body of culture

What’s more, spiritual life coaching can help you:

    • Support healthy life changes
    • Experience more peace and centeredness
    • Learn to trust your intuition
    • Deepen your connection to Spirit
    • Befriend your inner Wise Woman
    • Feel empowered in yourself and your relationships

What makes my coaching different?

The energies of heaven and earth are in each of us. And yet, sometimes we need help integrating these energies in order to start living into our true potential.

As part of our work together, I will help you:

    • Nurture a spiritual self-care practice
    • Create sacred space to support a decision or direction that is most life-giving
    • Receive and listen to spiritual guidance
    • Trust and work with your intuition
    • Release stuck energy and trapped emotions with Reiki healing and energy medicine
    • Learn tools and practices to support your healing and mindset

Spiritual healing and self-care is a core aspect of this work. It’s my belief that all big life issues are at their core, spiritual issues.

Do you have to be religious to receive spiritual life coaching?

Not at all! My spiritual coaching is non-denominational, but rooted in a deep respect for different religious and spiritual traditions. I grew up in an interfaith home, which was formative for my understanding of the diverse ways we see and experience the divine.

Spirituality involves the experience or recognition that there is something more to being human than sensory experience. And a spiritually-centered life affirms our connection to and interconnection with the cosmic or divine that exists in and all around us.

One of my biggest joys is helping people access their inner wisdom, which leads to a happier, spiritually-centered life. In this article published in Best Self Atlanta Magazine, I talk about the connection between spirituality and health: Into the Mystic.

There are many paths to the top of the mountain. We all benefit from a guide or support for that journey, whether you are taking a more familiar route, or going off-road to see what adventures await!

Your 3-month coaching journey begins now

In addition to weekly 90 minute intensive coaching sessions, you will receive the following:

    • Reiki healing during each meeting (in person or remote)
    • Preparatory work and post-session assignments
    • Guidance on goal-setting, accountability and self-care practices
    • Angel Card Oracle Readings for discernment and guidance
    • Email or text support available Monday – Friday during the coaching period
    • Free access to my monthly Women’s Healing Circle

My fee is $1,888. And yes, payment plans are available on request.

Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute introductory call to see how we might work together for Spiritual Life Coaching or Spiritual Direction. (We can also briefly chat via email or text if phone calls aren’t your thing.)

Note: Life coaching should not be a replacement for qualified medical or mental health care. Coaching can be a helpful addition to any therapeutic treatment or counseling you may be receiving to address other underlying concerns.

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