“There was so much space/I cut me a piece/With some fine wine/It brought peace to my mind/In the summertime…/And it rolled” – Jane’s Addiction

I know everyone has been complaining about the blistering heat lately. You have La Niña to thank for the scorching temps in June, as well as the recent spate of tornadoes and floods, according to some meteorologists. Everyone is sweating bullets and griping – except me. I’ve had that same Jane’s Addiction song in my head for the past two weeks of 90+ degree weather, a constant loop of “oh, oh, oh, summertime rolls…”

This is the time of year when I finally feel comfortable in my own (sometimes sweaty) skin. I’m a flip-flops and shorts kind of girl. Granted, the humidity gets to me too, but I’ll still take it over bone-cracking cold and dreary skies. I love the verdant overgrowth of everything green so typical in the South in the summer. And on a rare morning when it’s warm, sunny but not too humid – that’s my happy zone right there.

This year, I am really appreciating the fact that we bought a pass to our city’s local pools. They’re open until 8 pm during the week, which makes for a great way to unwind after the workday. I’m not much of a swimmer, but want to take formal lessons to finally gain confidence and release the fear I’ve had since a near-drowning incident I experienced when I was 8 years old. My husband has taken a renewed interest in swimming and spends a lot of time with our daughter now, teaching her how to be comfortable in the water.

There has been an unexpected bonus to my daughter spending so much time in the pool. It seems to have helped regulate her behavior and energy levels. As I’ve mentioned before, she has Sensory Processing Disorder and requires a lot of proprioceptive movement. Swimming seems to satisfy that, and whittles down her formidable level of energy. Since bringing her to the pool nearly every night and on the weekends, we’ve experienced fewer behavioral issues. It seems to balance her.

I can relate.

I could live at the beach and never tire of the sun, sand and surf. I’m one of those people that feels a strong pull towards Mother Ocean. I can feel her energy all around me when I’m in or near the water, balancing my energy in much the same way that Reiki treatment does. It’s as if all the long-held tension in my body slowly drains away and I’m left with my Original Energy. It’s my “moment of Zen.”

What is your favorite thing about summer?

(Photo of Johnson Beach, FL copyright Dana Lisa Young – do not use without permission)

2 responses to “Sum-sum-summertime!”

  1. Love love love that you quoted Summertime Rolls. That song always takes me back to teenage summers walking along the beach blasting my walkman. Yes, I said walkman!

    My favorite part of summer? My garden. Every day when I walk out of my house or driving up to my house after a long day, the sights & smells of my garden calm me & fill me with energy. I only wish I had more room – that I could actually walk THROUGH my garden (we’re in a condo, so I’m very limited with planting space). Some day.

    I also love the longness of the days, and the humidity in the evenings.

    And “hot” rain…where the pavement steams. Nothing like a summer rain.

    1. I had a Walkman back then too! I just remember blasting “Nothing’s Shocking” in my boyfriend’s car all summer. Fun times!

      I don’t have much of a garden this year. I have mini grape tomatoes that return every year and multiply; that’s my garden right now. LOL 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, Kelly!

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