A New Years’ revolution

Most of us begin the New Year with a list of resolutions that are often broken after a week or two. As a life coach, I know that most of those resolutions are hard to keep because the goals themselves are too weighty. If the goal is simply to make more money, for example, that’s likely to fail without simple action steps to support it.

As 2012 looms, I’ve been thinking a lot about the progress I want to accomplish. The last 16 months have been very much a time of transition, but new movement forward has been emerging recently and I need to allow it to happen.

I’m considering creating a vision board too because the creative act of visualizing goals or dreams in a tangible manner is often very motivating. But the more I’ve been thinking about my future, the more I realize that it goes beyond achieving goals – it’s really about transforming my life into something more meaningful, productive and joyful on a daily basis. It’s not just about fitness, creating financial stability or finding more time to pursue personal interests, although these are all good things to do. I’m not that interested in keeping resolutions. I’m interested in manifesting life revolution.

A revolution in one sense of the word is about a fundamental change of power in a relatively short period of time. Now, that doesn’t mean I should turn my life upside down in order to make that happen. I’m not talking about revolt here. That can easily backfire if done too hastily.

Synonyms for revolution are “rotation” or “to turn.”  In my life revolution, I am turning towards and taking full responsibility for my personal power. It means standing firmly in my own divine light and energy. It means turning towards the things that are healthy and beneficial for me and my family, and turning away from the things that aren’t.

Saying yes means moving towards the things that resonate with my core values. Saying no means moving away from the things or people who drain my energy and don’t contribute to my life in a positive way. But the power behind life revolution has to come from within. I know that it springs from deep soul knowledge, a fundamental acceptance of self, and it takes courage. Life revolution lays the foundation for overall well-being. As Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki Ryoho once said:

If the mind is healthy, conforming to a path of integrity,
then the body becomes sturdy of its own accord.

I know from personal experience that taking charge of personal power can yield surprisingly quick results in a short period of time. Once you’re aligned with your core values and purpose, you also align with the energy of the universe, providing an additional boost of momentum needed to manifest change.

Am I scared? Yes.

Am I worried that I might fail? Yes.

Am I afraid people might not support me? Yes.

Can I do it? Yes.

(Photo credit: SweetOnVeg on Flickr)

3 responses to “A New Years’ revolution”

  1. It is wonderful to see that more and more of us almost have no choice but to come into alignment with our purpose. Yes you can!
    love, gisela

  2. I love this Dana…yes, yes, yes!!!!

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