Creating my Pinterest vision board

In my previous New Years’ post, I mentioned that I was considering creating a vision board. Most instructions for vision boards require thumbing through and clipping photos from print materials, then pasting it to a board. I have neither the time nor the inclination to do that, not to mention that the last thing I want is a pile of magazines taking up more space in my house.

Then it occurred to me that I could “pin” my visions on a Pinterest board. I liked that I could easily edit it and find images that really resonated with me. As long as I have access to the Pinterest site, I can always view it for inspiration. And it’s easy to share with others…check out my vision board and tell me what you think!

One of the interesting things about creating a vision board is observing how certain themes emerge. For me, it is embodied in the statement: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”, which is pinned to the vision board. I also realized how spiritual practice, travel, and creative endeavors are strongly intertwined for me. One seems to inform and influence the other. But at the heart of everything are my relationships.

The vision board turned out to be a very useful exercise in exploring and understanding what is important to me. For example, although financial stability is always a concern, I left it off the board because it’s not what I envision as being necessary for the nourishment of my soul or personal fulfillment. It’s simply a means to an end, something I have to do, like eating or sleeping.

I may add a few things to the board, so if you want to, follow me on Pinterest. Or create a vision board and share it with me too!

5 responses to “Creating my Pinterest vision board”

  1. GREAT idea! I’ve had trouble understanding people’s fascination with Pinterest, but this is a perfect use. I may even do the same at some point if I make it off the waiting list. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I can send you an invite, if you want. Just DM me your email. 🙂

  2. Loving this idea and plan to make one myself.

  3. As a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I am advising clients to use Pinterest as an easy vision board tool. The more ideas we see, the more we expand, and the addictive quality of Pinterest is surely proof of that!
    My current focus, if I have one, is my ideal kitchen, which I intend to manifest soon! I invite you to follow me:

    Are you using a Pin IT button on your site?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Elmasue!

      I will go ahead and follow you. I need to check on that Pin It button too….appreciate the suggestion!

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