Not “if”, but “when”

M.Div candidate and friend Jill Joyner Bush gave this homily tonight at our Sunday evening New Song service. I hope her words help bring anyone who may be suffering out of their wilderness, knowing God is working through people like her to bring this message of love and wholeness.

Lil' Rev

Tonight I preached at our CAYA (come as you are) service, we call our service “New Song”.  It was the first time this service was held outside and on our new concrete pad built in our garden for just this purpose.  It was a beautiful evening and even though I did not have a microphone, I used my strong preaching/mommy voice and did what they had warned us about in preaching class.  Always be prepared to not have a microphone.  The topic was the wilderness experience, not necessarily the self-imposed wilderness experience of Jesus, but the Old Testament experience where the people of God felt like God was doing a dis-service to them and that this was quite a punishment.  Because it was a homily and not a sermon, I wasn’t able to dig deep on a few pieces that were asking to be developed. 

The part that keeps tugging…

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