Give yourself a day off (Advent Day 14)

dizzy holiday lightsThe next ten days before Christmas are usually a whirlwind of hectic activity – holiday luncheons, evening parties, church and school events, shopping, wrapping, cooking and baking…

Is your head spinning now? If not, kudos to you! But if it is, give yourself a day off (or at least a few hours or an evening) and just relax. Put your feet up, take a nap, watch a movie, read a book or listen to music. Order takeout and have it delivered.

Do something that is just for you and what you need to feel calm, peaceful and centered.

Aaaahhhh. That’s better now, doesn’t it?

Feel free to share your experience or your creative suggestions. If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, share using the #24daysofgiving hashtag. Let’s spread some love and good cheer!

Did you miss a day?

Day 1: Give yourself 5 minutes

Day 2: Give someone your attention

Day 3: Give time to a worthy cause

Day 4: Give someone a helping hand

Day 5: Give a cup of coffee or tea

Day 6: Give 3 words of love

Day 7: Give a handwritten note

Day 8: Give hugs

Day 9: Give blessings

Day 10: ForGIVEness for yourself and others

Day 11: Give yourself permission to say no

Day 12: Give yourself space to let the light in

Day 13: Give a nice greeting

#24daysofgiving is an Advent experiment in being called to come into being through the practices of love and compassion, while reflecting on the coming of Christ into the world.

(Image credit: picturebooks)

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