Give up what no longer serves you (Day 23 of #24DaysofGiving)

letting_go_by_pinkparis1233The New Year is approaching and with it come the inevitable list of goals and resolutions. These lists are usually about doing more, being more and accomplishing more. In some respects, that’s all well and good, but some of the mental and emotional baggage we hold onto make it difficult for our resolutions to carry any real weight. There’s no room for anything new to flourish if the past is still furnishing your soul space.

And more isn’t always better if you don’t already accept that you are enough, just as you are.

I had a therapist once tell me, “Jettison the cargo.” I’ve never forgotten that metaphor and still recall it when I feel like my own proverbial ship is listing to the side.

What would you toss over the side? Self-judgment? Self-loathing? The need to compare yourself to others? That voice from 5th grade saying you aren’t cool enough? The image you see in the mirror who lies and says you’re not gorgeous/strong/amazing?

If it doesn’t serve your highest good, give it up, toss it overboard and brush the dust off your hands.

Doesn’t that already feel better? What a priceless gift you’ve given yourself!

Feel free to share your experience or your creative suggestions. If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, share using the #24daysofgiving hashtag. Let’s spread some love and good cheer!

Did you miss a day?

Day 1: Give yourself 5 minutes

Day 2: Give someone your attention

Day 3: Give time to a worthy cause

Day 4: Give someone a helping hand

Day 5: Give a cup of coffee or tea

Day 6: Give 3 words of love

Day 7: Give a handwritten note

Day 8: Give hugs

Day 9: Give blessings

Day 10: ForGIVEness for yourself and others

Day 11: Give yourself permission to say no

Day 12: Give yourself space to let the light in

Day 13: Give a nice greeting

Day 14: Give yourself a day off

Day 15: Give words of encouragement

Day 16: Give in to wonderment

Day 17: Give your light to others

Day 18: Give someone a meal

Day 19: Give a kind word

Day 20: Give yourself a treat

Day 21: Give a prayer

Day 22: Give a thumbs up

#24daysofgiving is an Advent experiment in being called to come into being through the practices of love and compassion, while reflecting on the coming of Christ into the world.

(Image credit: pinkparis1233)

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