The art of juggling (my life)

I was quoted last week in an article in U.S. News & World Report entitled 8 Ways to Find More Time in Your Day. I’ve blogged about navigating the challenges of work/life balance before, but this is the first time I think I’ve “outed” myself in the press with regard to how I made it possible to develop a wellness business while simultaneously working a demanding full-time job and care for my family.

The way I was quoted in the article makes it sound like I have it all together (and I thank the writer for that little boost!) Most days, though, I hit the ground running and keep putting out the fires as they pop up.

That’s not to say I don’t follow a schedule or plan. I do. But needs and demands change constantly.

Successfully juggling multiple jobs – whether it’s a second job to help keep food on the table, or a foray into making a dream come true – requires flexibility, organizational skills, stamina, and a supportive family to make it happen.

Some days, it’s hard. Balancing contract or freelance work with my wellness business can be exhausting. And when I’m in between those jobs and only focusing on my wellness business (my heart’s work), the money is less reliable because of natural ebbs and flows in this line of work.

Ultimately, though, I’m grateful. Many people who are in between jobs are suffering because they don’t have (or aren’t utilizing) a readily available skill or talent that others value. Being diverse in a few different areas can be a real asset.

So, I juggle on.

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