21 Day Practice: Day 5 – Five words of healing

Gustav Klimt - Tree of LifeI’ve been working with a Reiki client in the third trimester of pregnancy. One of my joys is to work with mamas-to-be, as well as new mamas and their little ones. As a mother, I deeply respect and honor the sacred journey and process of creation of “mother” and “child” (or “children”!)

I feel that pregnant women in our culture often do not receive the level of support they need during this life transition and rite of passage. And there are few things more amazing than feeling new life stirring physically and energetically beneath my hands during a Reiki session.

My client is a first-time mother, and is understandably experiencing some anxiety. No matter how much planning is in place, the birth process and life with a baby still contains an aspect of the unknown. A first-time mother has no idea what to expect, regardless of how many books she’s read or accounts she’s heard from family or friends. It is an entirely unique and personal experience physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Among other things, many first-time mothers worry about whether or not they will be a good parent. During our session, the following five words came to mind:

  • Healthy
  • Strong
  • Empowered
  • Capable
  • Nurturing

After our session, I shared these words with my client and urged her to craft statements using each of these words to support a positive mindset. We talked about writing her birth plan with her doula, and how it was important for her to name the kind of birth experience she wants to have and how her doula may advocate on her behalf.

I remember experiencing the same fear and anxiety she described to me, and feeling like they weren’t validated – not because people didn’t care, but because they were uncomfortable with my discomfort. A pep talk when someone is feeling anxious can temporarily ease the mind, but engaging someone with their inner wisdom and ability helps them own their journey in a spirit-centered way.

It occurred to me later that I could also work with these five words as part of the 21 Day Practice. I crafted the following statements to support the words:

  • I am healthy; I take care of my body, mind and spirit through positive lifestyle practices
  • I am strong and have the resources at hand to weather life’s ups and downs
  • I am empowered to make decisions that support my well-being and family’s needs
  • I am capable of creating a meaningful life consistent with my values
  • I am a nurturing woman and I lovingly care for others without neglecting my own needs

What would you say using these five words? Or perhaps others?

(Painting: Gustav Klimt’s “Tree of Life”)

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