21 Day Practice: Days 10 and 11 – That’s why they call it a practice

Cherry blossomsI woke up yesterday feeling pretty good and the first part of the morning went as usual. Then, there was an unexpected change of plans and suddenly, a wave of stress and anxiety hit that I couldn’t shake for hours. That, and the Grumpy Monkey was back, tossing mental banana peels in my path.

I had lunch today with my friend Anna, and she remarked at one point that she doesn’t deal with uncertainty very well. Neither do I. I’m a Virgo – we don’t just roll with things. We like to plan and organize, and feel more secure if we have some idea of what lies ahead.

I spent yesterday trying to remind myself “today only, do not worry.” And then worried about worrying. Then laughed about it to myself later.

We often run from spiritual practice because it seems like “work.” It can be difficult to sit there and be present with our thoughts and feelings. We get frustrated thinking we aren’t getting it right if we encounter those difficulties or don’t seem to be making whatever progress we hoped to make.

It is work – the journey of the soul, a lifelong dance with Oneness.

I always remind my students that the only way they will ever truly reap the benefits of what Reiki has to offer is with consistent, mindful, and loving practice. You don’t learn the piano without playing notes and chords until they become part of your experience of Being. And masters of their craft still practice regularly, if not daily, to retain that experience of Being. It’s the same with Reiki, meditation, yoga or any other spiritual discipline.

That’s why they call it a practice!

I realized today how much I appreciate my practice – it gives me a home, a center to return to, even in the midst of uncertainty. My mind may wander sometimes during meditation or I might feel antsy during Reiki self-treatment.

Yet, it’s the one place where conditions don’t have to be perfect in order to still feel like everything is really OK.

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